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Sunday Roundup

Lights, camera, politics! The stretch run of the '08 race has unleashed a torrent of citizen-created campaign videos, turning my inbox into a contagious media multiplex, and our HuffPost team into viral video Roger Eberts. Among our favorites: the astounding Obama/McCain dance-off (how did they do that?); the hysterical (and surprisingly poignant) return of the Waaaasup! guys; Opie and the Fonz come out for Obama (so do these alta cocker comedians); the "Change My World" choir; and the powerful sentiments of these Local Voices and these Conservatives for Obama. Plus, our own 23/6 has been knocking it out of the park on a regular basis, with Get Your War On, the Sarah Palin vlog, and SwiftJews for Truth. So break out the popcorn, hit play... then pass them on.

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