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Sunday Roundup

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This week, we launched Impact, our new section devoted to giving back. Thanks to the compassion and generosity of our HuffPost community, it immediately lived up to its name, raising over $28,000 to help the mom who, saddled with medical debt, went blind so her kids wouldn't have to. Click here to help us reach our current goal of raising $30,000. A journalist friend emailed to applaud our readers and express his hope that Impact will help put an end to the misguided notion that reporters are merely passive observers of the world. He reminded me of the story of Kevin Carter, a journalist who took a photo of a starving child struggling in the dirt in Sudan, eyed by a hungry vulture. Carter won a Pulitzer for the shot but, haunted by what he had -- and hadn't -- done, committed suicide soon after. We'll continue to report -- but we'll also help mobilize people and provide the tools to have an Impact on those we write about.

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