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Sunday Roundup

What's Your Reaction?

Prepare for the latest Palin media onslaught. An hour with Oprah, a multi-parter with Barbara, and appearances all across the country. An initial read shows Going Rogue doesn't reveal much. No surprise there. This isn't about the book, it's about the book tour -- which includes a politically convenient stop in Iowa -- and the money. Besides, it's not like there's much we haven't already learned about Palin since she burst onto the national scene. We even know when her water broke during her last pregnancy. Talk about overexposed. In the end, I expect this will be one of the most mocked books of the year -- and one of the biggest bestsellers. Palin fans will find much to love, but I doubt a single doubter will be converted. It's a 400 page Rorschach test. With no index.


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