12/25/2006 10:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Day After Christmas HuffPost Gift Bonanza: All Punchlines 50% Off!

So Santa has come and gone, but the orgy of shopping has only begun. In that spirit, here is a Day After Christmas Gift Bonanza. Last week, I offered up my annual list of gifts for some of my favorite - and not so favorite - public figures, and asked you to send in your gift-giving ideas. You went to work like elves in Santa's workshop - only without the funny shoes and tiny tools. Here then is what you suggested we wrap up for some of 2006's naughty and nice:

Jim Baker: a Karl Rove mask so the president will listen to him and do as he recommends (submitted by metalsguy)

110th Congress: Oversight (vuwildcat88)

Those Still Supporting the War in Iraq: A clue; they really need one (bmermaid)

The United States Military: a Commander-in-Chief (metime)

Vladimir Putin: Keith Olbermann's "Worst Poison in the World" Award (stevemarvin)

Dick Cheney: a set of human/bird recognition cards and a thermos of strong coffee (Mark701)

Heather Poe (Mary Cheney's girlfriend): a bulletproof vest for the shotgun wedding (stevemarvin)

President Bush: a blowjob; the American people: finally a cause for impeachment! (verdure)

The White House: a reliable translator of Farsi so they will actually know what Ahmadinjad is saying (TerryA)

The media: balls -- preferably a set (macpozeur)

Keith Olbermann: a medal (stevemarvin)

Keith Olbermann
: Tony Snow's Job -- wouldn't that make for great TV? (bocababs)

Keith Olbermann: my phone number... a girl can dream, can't she? (deadillusion)