06/01/2005 02:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tom and Oprah: Feel the Fire!

Tom Cruise on Oprah
I just arrived in Washington for the Take Back America conference, and even in the nation's capital, the Deep Throat revelation has not completely displaced talk of Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise and Katie. And especially... Tom Cruise and Oprah.

If you love to see celebrities (I mean really, really big celebrities) going over the top (I mean way, way over the top), then have I got a treat for you: It’s Tom and Oprah... cranked up, recut, and totally on fire! Buckle your seat beats, take a Valium (sorry, Tom), and check out this video from

Adrenaline? The buzz of fresh love? Borderline Personality Disorder? You be the judge.