05/10/2005 08:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Walter Cronkite States the Obvious. Brilliantly.

And that’s the way it is, indeed!

Boy, do we miss hearing your voice every night, Walter. It’s not just the reassuring dulcet tones either. It’s the steady eye and the unwavering gut. Hold an off-year convention to nail down a platform that is clear and, gulp, actually lets voters know exactly what the Democratic Party absolutely, positively stands for… will fight for… is willing to go down in flames fighting for (as opposed to going down in flames fighting for not being as bad as the other guy)? What an obvious idea. And brilliant. And necessary. And timely.

Before we know it, 2006 will be here. Before we know it, the guys with the (D)s after their names won’t be able to muster enough votes to ratify National Be Nice to Your Mother Day. Before we know it, Tom DeLay will represent the moderate wing of the Republican Party. Before we know it, the pendulum will have swung so far to the right it will take decades for our civil liberties to recover. The time has come for Democrats to stop wavering, stop whimpering, stop caving, stop patting themselves on the back over derailing the privatization of Social Security, stop trying to win over red staters by channeling their inner Zell Miller -- and start getting back to standing for something. Here’s a suggestion: be specific and be true to what the party has always stood for. Think FDR and Bobby Kennedy.

And listen to your Uncle Walter. He’s on to something good.

Now Mr. Cronkite, what’s your solution for network news?