03/29/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Buying the Title of Bestselling Author With One, Two or Three Easy Payments

So you want to add the title of author to your signature but the idea of writing and producing your own non-fiction book gives you a hot-flash you cannot blame on your age or gender? You've heard the stories about all of the rejection letters and long turn-times that are possible from traditional publishers (and the pennies-on-the-dollar royalty payouts). Then there are the tails of the complicated and costly process of self-publishing, not to mention the boxes of books left in your garage.

For the past few years, the answer for many first time authors has come in the form of participating in a collaborative book project. It is the quickest way to earn instant credibility by becoming a best-selling author and appearing in books along side celebrity authors and speakers. The new title of published Author creates brand expansion and helps to garner speaking engagements and new clients. Who wouldn't want to "co-author" a book with legends like Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer or Brian Tracy? But does this concept really give you credibility or is it just a Pay-to-Play marketing tool?

How this business model works is that for anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 you can submit a short chapter with a story describing a lesson, achievement or concept that would inspire or educate the reader. The number of books you receive as well as the placement of your name on the cover depends on the size of your investment. The premise is that if you spend $2,000 and receive 200 books you have essentially spent $10 per published book with a sticker price of $15, therefore earning you $1,000 in return if you sell all of them for face value.

My friend and fellow Soulmate Love Expert, Kathleen Sims recently described her experience of being involved in the 2008 Wake Up Women book project as one in which the promoters over-delivered on their promises. For Kathleen it was so much easier to become a first time author because the systems were already in place for her. Not only did it save her from having to get involved in book cover design, printing and distribution, but she also received editing support as well as inspiring and productive marketing tele-classes. She found the other women on the call were eager to help with marketing ideas from how to find speaking venues to creating a website for the book launch. She admits that, "I was able to accomplish more with their support and guidance than I would have ever done left to my own devices. It was a collaboration rather than a competition. I also found that if you are able to put yourself out there the book can be a great "calling card" and it helped to open doors for always receiving a "Yes" for internet radio shows that may not have happened without it."

It was great to hear about her positive experience with the process. This option for getting published really does allow one to stick a toe in the turbulent ocean of publishing. When asked if she was disappointed in any aspect of the book project, Kathleen replied, "Yes, seeing the boxes of books in my garage." At the end of the day, no matter WHO your publisher is, the bottom line is always about you marketing and selling your book for yourself.

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