10/23/2010 01:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sharing the Love of Great Writing

When I think of enjoying fabulous writing I see it from both perspectives: the author and the reader. We authors totally appreciate positive feedback. If we write something that gave you an a-ha moment or that you simply enjoyed, send us a five-word email. Anything. Post something somewhere. Send out a tweet. It is so gratifying to know we don't live in a vacuum and that something which came out of our head made a difference to someone.

In a previous blog "My Top 7 Great Reads This Year" I took the opportunity to share what I loved about recent books. The authors may never see the blog and yet it felt fantastic to share how much I love their writing and their stories.

As a reader, I learn so much from other writers to the point I have started carrying a notebook with me to record juicy words I find in books I want to incorporate into my own writing. For instance, words such as buoyant, incandescent, luminous, throaty, etc. They have depth to them. They paint a picture with just one word. They make me want to improve my writing. I want to make my writing juicer and give it depth.

I wrote a review of the book, Shantaram: A Novel by Gregory David Roberts. Within the review I included the first paragraph of the book because it was one of the best paragraphs I had ever read. You can read it here on Amazon's search tool.

I read the paragraph several times and my take away was "I want to write like that some day!" It is an extraordinary book (all 900 pages of it). Johnny Depp has paid a large sum for the movie rights to it and it is currently in production.

So if you read something that speaks to you or makes you want to be a better writer, talk about it. Share it with your social networking community and tell the author. No matter how successful he/she is, a compliment never gets old (at least not to me!).

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