The Book Inside of You

06/25/2010 04:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I referenced a survey in a previous blog post about how 82% of Americans surveyed said they wanted to write a book someday. There are many reasons why people don't fulfill this dream but what if those reasons did not exist, what would everyone be writing about?

I decided to pose this question on my social networking sites to find out.

If talent, time and money were not an issue, what would you write a book about?

I am blessed and grateful for all of my Facebook friends for sharing their dreams... Thank you!

The life of my dogs -- Kim

Loving all not just yourself! -- Adrienne

The Trauma Toolbox: Healing From the Soul Out. -- Susan

Buddhism -- Domo

Giving to yourself first so that you may be of true service to others -- Janet

My journey from loss to living life fully again -- Slim

How the Internet and Social Networks are templates for the spiritual realm, an early training ground for humanity to make a transition from Separateness to Oneness. -- Nathaniel

Effective keys of materialization -- Carmina

Life, God, Love -- Sonia

How to Cope With Frustration! -- Dana

A book for sexual abuse/incest survivors -- Amanda

What Greeks have to teach America about tough times. Teachings from Epicureans, Asclepius and Dionysians. -- Nathaniel

How Chief Marketing Officers gave way to Chief Customer Officers in a market re-orientation toward the customer. -- Nathaniel

A recipe book on the food I am inventing everyday. -- Galit

Motherhood, family, and the effects of divorce, death, and forclosure. An autobiography with a bit of humor. -- Priscilla

Loving teenagers unconditionally, and how to re-parent ourselves out of shame and guilt! - - Connie

If the Buddha were a parent he would... -- Gigi

What I noticed in these responses was we all bring unique experiences to common situations. The key thing to remember is that our perspective could be just what someone else needs to read. I remember a funny and poignant story that a dear friend of mine, Peggy McColl shared about a meeting she had with a book publisher a few years ago. She confessed that she initially wanted to call one of her books, The World Doesn't Need Another Self Help Book. Now when I say it was a funny story, I mean she found it funny, I laughed when she told me, but the publisher had not seen the humor in it. (They were in the self-help book business) Her explanation was that we don't need a new message, but we may need a new messenger. There could be another author out there writing about the same subject you are and yet the way you deliver your information connects to a reader in a unique way. You can make a difference even if your subject matter is not one-of-a-kind.

Be a new messenger. Start writing.

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