07/22/2013 04:12 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2013

Single-Sole Pumps Are Flat Out Fabulous

Needless to say, the world of fashion feeds on innovation and change. We need originality and newness much like the body needs oxygen. So, why am I gasping for breath? I usually live for seasonal shifts and major changes in fashion. After all, they are the cornerstone of my professional existence. But to be perfectly honest, this particular issue is not at all professional. It is strictly personal, and I bet many women can feel my pain.

Speaking from my perch here in the fashion office, I have no doubt that the single-sole pump is the "of the moment" shoe silhouette, making a potent and powerful impact on the fashion industry. And as I look ahead to an irresistibly feminine fall season where vintage elegance is the order of the day, this shoe makes perfect fashion sense. I saw it coming. I have forecasted and finessed it, talked to reporters about it, tweeted and retweeted on the subject, initiating a good bit of footwear frenzy.

But behind closed doors, things are very different. Acknowledging that the single-sole pump is the new next among my own eclectic array of shoes should not be difficult. But accepting the fact that it is time to move most of my more aggressive platforms to the back of the closet is full of obstacles.

Over the years, platforms have given me a false sense of security. They are conceived, cut and crafted to make me feel tall, imposing and important. Did I mention "tall?" Yes, now we are getting to the heart of the matter. Whereas most thin-soled pumps are full of merit -- elegant, well-proportioned and easy to wear -- they have forced me to face the real issue here. I am just not that tall. I'm certainly not as statuesque as I have imagined myself to be over the last decade wearing platform shoes.

So, while heartbreaking in some ways, this reality check has been a really good thing. I am ready to come down from the clouds, enjoy the adrenalin rush of new shoes and hit the ground running, which should be a lot easier in single-sole pumps.