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Arlene M. Roberts

Arlene M. Roberts

Posted: July 7, 2009 02:08 PM

Cricket Inspired Style Comes to Soho

Tucked away on Mercer Street in Soho, nestled between Spring and Broome Streets, around the corner from the Gourmet Garage, cricket enthusiasts and savvy shoppers alike can take respite at Jack Olive.

So, you ask, just who or what is Jack Olive? Jack Olive is a retail store specializing in a cricket-inspired line of clothing that transcends the cricket field, and can be worn in any casual or business setting. The store was named after a London-based cricket enthusiast and last Wednesday, two months after throwing open their doors for business but keeping somewhat of a low profile, Jack Olive held its official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

How can you recognize the Jack Olive brand? Why, by its signature stripe -- olive, purple, red, pink, olive -- measuring about one inch by half inch and affixed to the shirts, jackets, pants and ties sold in the store. Or take a look at the lining of the tie and you'll see images of cricket players -- a bowler, a batsman -- blended into the background.

The linen and seersucker jackets are top sellers at Jack Olive's Mercer Street location. Not surprisingly so, since it's consistent with their tag line of "understated luxury." They've also taken the cricket colors (blues, reds, whites) and the lines (v-necks) and upped the fabric. In other words, old world meets the new world.

Shoppers at the Jack Olive store will attest to a casual sales experience. After all, this is a no-pressure environment. Posters of cricket players and cricket fields adorn the walls; accessories are strategically interspersed throughout the store. Sit back in one of the plush chairs and enjoy some water or wine. And for shoppers looking for more than just clothing, yes indeed, the bats, balls and pads are for sale.

Jack Olive -- it's more than just cricket!

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