Merry Hanukkah, George. Happy Thanksgiving. Now, Would You Please Leave?

12/28/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This is Thanksgiving, and personally, I'm thankful that the Bush crew is at the end of their run, and we're not stuck in the middle of it. Do you suppose they could all just leave early? I'm sure the current White House staff wouldn't mind. That way, Rahm Emanuel could be put in charge of a new Hanukkah card from the Obama Administration. He's make sure it's done right, and for that we could be thankful.

OK, it's not that big a deal, but as the New York Post reported, and HuffPo relayed, the White House put a picture of a sled bringing in the Christmas Tree on the cover of a card to Joe Lieberman that was supposed to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Would it have been too much to ask to put a menorah or a Jewish star on the card?

Good Lord, can't they even get the greeting card right? Just when you think that the bunch of clowns, crooks and incompetents running the government can't make any more mistakes, they go and screw up the Hanukkah card.

Would it have hurt to have given a little love at the start of the Holiday/Christmas/Chrismukkah/ChrismaKwanzaa season to those that George Bush and his Evangelical Christian base give lip-service as the Chosen People, without mucking up the works? We appreciate that you spent about 45 seconds at the end of the last year of the Administration thinking about peace in the Middle East. Thanks for the effort. We don't ask for much, particularly now when we know that you can't deliver anything resembling competence or credibility. But come on, the Hanukkah card?

Can we get a do-over? After all, Hanukkah has eight days, to say nothing of a couple of alternative English spellings. There must be a Jew or two left in the White House to fix this. If not, perhaps the staff could ask Holy Joe or Eric Cantor for some guidance here. Now I can't wait to see what the Christmas will card look like. Will there be a bunny on it? How about a piece of matzoh? Or a Festivus pole? Somehow I have my doubts. Those Liberty University grads still in town will make sure their card is done right, and thank goodness for that.

From the beginning until now, the Bush Years have been an unrelenting disaster of things gone wrong. But what can you expect from an Administration that was born of a stolen election and constructed around creating its own reality?

Every day, every day, the headlines show some new screw up. Whether it's consumer confidence tanking, or the economy plummeting, or the number of people getting food at an all-time high, or Osama Bin Laden's driver, once the most feared terrorist in the Western world being sent home after not even a military court could find him guilty, what have these guys got right? And that's just this week, and we haven't even mentioned yet another about face on the bailout plans. There's no accountability for the Wall Street types, no request for restructuring. We can't even find out from the White House who's getting how much money. But when Detroit comes asking, yet again, then the Democrats step up and demand some reasoned guarantees that at least the money won't appear to have been thrown away if we rescue the American car companies.

We can finish out the week with reports that the government will attempt to emasculate air-pollution rules on the way out the door. And don't forget that holiday standard - the expected terror attack. The New York subway was put on alert. Didn't that go out with Tom Ridge and his color-coded warnings, coordinated as they were to holidays or to political news that favored Democrats?

In the big scheme of things, the Hanukkah card doesn't mean much compared with the fact that the Big O himself is still out there seven years after 9/11. It doesn't count much against the lives lost, American, Iraqi and others, along with the $10 billion a month we're spending in a war we didn't need that was sold to the public on false pretenses, In the big scheme of things, the fact that three people, Vice President Cheney, his lawyer, David Addington and one bureaucrat, John Yoo, could successfully shred the Constitution with the willing participation of most of the Administration and Congress doesn't match the wreckage of a Hanukkah card. What's a little Christmas tree on a sled compared to torturing prisoners in a way that civilized society rejected for hundreds of years, while not admitting it was going on, or compared to spying on American citizens while denying it was happening, or pursuing political prosecutions of "vote fraud," while firing U.S. Attorneys who decline to go along with the charade?

One little card doesn't begin to stack up to the appointment of industry lobbyists at the environmental agencies, or the Interior Department, as they were put in charge of organizations that were supposed to protect the public interest, not protect and enhance their private interests. One little card doesn't mean much against the wreckage that was the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or the Veterans Administration, or the corruption of student loans or the stifling of NASA scientists.

On the other hand, that one little card might just be a perfect symbol for the past eight years. And don't even think of trying to make this one better by fixing ham and potato latkes.