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Jonathan Kim


ReThink Interview: David France and Howard Gertler, Director and Producer of How to Survive a Plague, Respectively

Jonathan Kim | Posted November 21, 2012

The new documentary How to Survive a Plague follows the rise and accomplishments of ACT UP, a political advocacy group that formed spontaneously in 1987 out of frustration and anger that both state and federal governments had done so little to address the AIDS epidemic.
Wale Oyejide


Don't Look Down

Wale Oyejide | Posted November 21, 2012

Don't look down. It's an impossible view. The immeasurable void between the things that you are genuinely talented at -- and the things that you do to survive.
Kathleen Massara


How AIDS Activists Turned Anger Into Action: Interview With David France On 'How To Survive A Plague' (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kathleen Massara | Posted February 10, 2013

I cried like a baby when I first saw David France's new documentary, "How To Survive A Plague." I couldn't help it. The tears came rolling down my cheeks halfway through the film, for reasons that will be obvious for anyone who sees it. It's a...
Gabrielle Selz


Alternate Reality of a Buddhist Temple

Gabrielle Selz | Posted November 21, 2012

Touching on archeology, history, religion as well as the political fallout due to pillaged artifacts, Echoes of the Past unites viewers in a recreated installation piece.


London Fashion Week Round Up (VIDEO) | Posted November 21, 2012

London Fashion Week has become synonymous with innovative design and stand out collections, with London recently being voted, for the second year running, the most watched and read fashion capital in the world.
Betsy Isaacson


Experiments in Motion Encourages Architectural Fantasy, but Are You Ready for the Next Lowline?

Betsy Isaacson | Posted November 21, 2012

Experiments In Motion, showing at Essex Street Warehouse at the same time as Imagining the Lowline, is an array of architectural fantasies, a technical feast.
Ashley Bush and Raphaela Sapire


The Extra-ordinary Lives of Ordinary Women

Ashley Bush and Raphaela Sapire | Posted November 21, 2012

We are road tripping across the country capturing extra-ordinary Americana in a Web series; we want to inspire young women to dream beyond what they know by highlighting women who have built their careers around their passions.
Alan Elsner


Two New Books Testify to the Power of Music

Alan Elsner | Posted November 21, 2012

Two new books share an important attribute -- an unshakable belief that Bach, Mozart and Schubert elevate the human spirit and have the power to comfort us, to inspire us and to overcome even the greatest challenges.
Danko Jones


Sorry Jian, There's no Such Thing as "Acoustic Rock"

Danko Jones | Posted November 21, 2012

When Jian Ghomeshi came on the air last week on his show Q to announce that Mumford & Sons were stopping by in a few days to play in-studio, he described them as "Acoustic Rock Sensations." I rolled my eyes and shook my head. To me, the word "Rock" has always meant "heavy." Flippantly pairing the word "Rock" with words like "acoustic" or "folk" or "soft" undermines and strips it of all its deserving weight.
Jan Herman


Channeling John Cage

Jan Herman | Posted November 21, 2012

Is there anybody not paying tribute to John Cage this year, the centennial of his birth? My own favorite tribute is a performance that began more than a decade ago "in a crumbling medieval church" in Halberstadt, a "forlorn" eastern German city.
John Paul Caponigro


Strengthen Your Creativity With Cell Phone Photography

John Paul Caponigro | Posted November 21, 2012

Having a cell phone camera constantly at your side changes the way you see the world. You become more aware of the world around you, taking notice of people, places, things and events that might pass you by unconsidered.

My Great American Video Store Documentary

Tribeca | Posted November 21, 2012

I don't stream -- maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm not sure I am. Because of all this, I am making a documentary feature film on the lamented loss of the independent video store.
Christopher Diercksen


An Important Play for This Time

Christopher Diercksen | Posted November 21, 2012

The American Dream as it had been defined for us "Generation Irony" people is suddenly a lot more difficult to achieve and the middle class, once the backbone of America, is becoming obsolete. Here and now as a maker of theater in New York City, this is how I define my audience.
Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin


Dog Ears Music: Volume 246

Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin | Posted November 21, 2012

This week we review music by Natacha Atlas, George Lewis, Louie Austen, Johnnie Taylor, The Fresh & Onlys and Charles Bradley.
Mallory Yael Seegal


One Poem: Sylvia Plath Goes Sledding in Stockbridge, MA, Stops to Enjoy The View

Mallory Yael Seegal | Posted November 21, 2012

It starts without a sound / Light waves fill empty spaces / And the hairs on our grey and sallow faces / Are sprouting white like / Snow, the diamond traces of water / Falling harder.
Warren Adler


Female Villains: 10 Evil Women In Literature

Warren Adler | Posted November 21, 2012

In literature as in so-called "real" life, evil is, by far, the purview of the male gender; it is men who are the villains, evildoers, rascals and killers... But it was Eve who was persuaded by the snake to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
Hope Larson


Classic Graphic Novel: Why I Adapted 'A Wrinkle In Time'

Hope Larson | Posted November 21, 2012

All that time living inside Ms. L'Engle's story has changed my work, and changed me, in ways I don't fully understand. My universe is bigger now, more layered, deeper-and yet, the far places are not so far away.
Arianna Huffington


Timeless Truths

Arianna Huffington | Posted November 21, 2012

There's a kind of truth that you can only get through untruth -- through fiction. And that's why we're now adding fiction and poetry to our menu at Huffington.
Nicholas Miriello


Why Huffington Went Literary

Nicholas Miriello | Posted November 21, 2012

Though there have been grumblings about new technologies' detrimental effect on more traditional forms of literature, we believe that these media are not mutually exclusive. We can hold on to, and elevate, the things we love about books and still embrace the worlds opened up by more recent developments.
Paul Klein


ExpoChicago: GangBusters, Two

Paul Klein | Posted November 21, 2012

I got to Navy Pier, the venue for the excellent ExpoChicago, at least an hour before the reception for the donors supporting the Museum of Contemporary Art. Don't miss this show.