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Andrey Pavlov, Russian Photographer, Takes Fairytale-Like Pictures Ants (PHOTOS)

  |   March 31, 2012

Because we know you'll ask: According to The Telegraph, these ants are real, and yes, they're alive. Andrey Pavlov, a Moscow-based photographer, spends hours constructing...

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist: Feds Say Man Knows Something About Stolen Art

AP   |  JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN   |   March 31, 2012

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- It remains the largest art heist in history, a brazen robbery in which two thieves disguised as police officers walked into...

'Noise Jelly' Uses Science To Make Music Out Of Blobs (VIDEO)

  |   March 31, 2012

Noises are malleable and transformative, so why can't the instruments that make them be that way, too? French designers Raphael Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard have...

Andres Amador's 'Earthscape' Art Is Inspired By Nature (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post   |  Amber Genuske   |   April 1, 2012

Andres Amador's beach art is visceral and fleeting; the crash of a wave or the slow rising of high tide washes it away. Unlike a...

Haiku Reviews: Mark Rothko And Rosson Crow (PHOTOS)

  |   March 31, 2012

HuffPost Arts' Haiku Reviews is a monthly feature where invited critics review exhibitions and performances in short form. Some will be in the traditional Haiku...

The Week In Art: Mad Men Ads, Animated GIFs And A Thrift Store Picasso

  |   March 31, 2012

Greetings, readers! This week HuffPost Arts had a thrilling week complete with monsters, Mad Men and the best thrift store buy of all time. Scroll...
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