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Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW


Everyday Love: 6 Habits for Creating Connection in Your Relationship

Posted: 04/10/2012 7:08 am

A relationship is like a plant: It needs regular attention to stay healthy. Does your plant have enough sunlight? Is the soil a bit dry? Are the flowers drooping?

When we come home stressed and exhausted at the end of the day, the thought of sitting down for a 20 minute relationship "pow wow" can feel overwhelming. And though date nights sound like a good idea, they rarely seem to happen.

But what if you could weave small habits through your day that actually boosted your relationship happiness level? What if these habits were just small shifts in your behavior and attention? Yes, by integrating the following six habits into your life every single day, you can help strengthen your own sense of inner peace and bring more intimacy and connection into your relationship.

Morning Light
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It matters how you greet your sweetheart in the morning. If you wake up together, or even if you wake up separately, you want to communicate, "You are my beloved, I adore you." You can offer an "I love you" no matter what your morning schedule: by phone, by text or email, a whisper in the ear, or even with a Post-it on the bathroom mirror. Make sure that one of your first communications in the morning is saturated with the feeling that your sweetie matters to you.

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These connection building skills are a great way to thread emotional intimacy through your days. With them, you'll find that your relationship is stronger than ever before. Get ready for your relationship to bloom and grow!

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