10/05/2011 08:30 am ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Kicking Off Halloween Season With A Visit To An Austrian Ossuary

Ah October: shorter days, longer nights and an endless parade of "spooky" ghost stories accompanied by photos of the local cemetery with the fog machine turned up. We call bullshit.

We think we can do a hell of a lot better with the real horrors of the world, so we've decided that, for this month, every day will be Halloween on Atlas Obscura.

Stop by our blog every day this month for true tales of the unquiet dead. Come for the severed heads, stay for the book bound in human skin. Every story is true, and each one is a real place you can visit. We dare you.

Day 1: To get you started here is a set of photos from one of our favorite ossuaries in the world: The Hallstatt Ossuary in Hallstatt, Austria.

31 Days of Halloween: The Painted Skulls of Hallstatt Ossuary (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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