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Audrey Bellis
When Audrey Bellis isn't curating content at, or sparkles for special occasions at The Bella Bambino; she can be found writing about life as it happens on her blog and urban exploring.

Entries by Audrey Bellis

What Infertility Really Feels Like In Your 20's

(1) Comments | Posted August 1, 2014 | 12:17 AM

"Can I cum inside of you?"

I just nod and close my eyes.

While he finishes I bite my lower lip to keep from laughing out loud. It's comical -- all those years of doing everything possible to avoid pregnancy and here I am doing everything possible now...

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This Is the Place That 'Hurt' Created

(0) Comments | Posted April 9, 2014 | 3:12 PM

I'm scared that I might be losing my capacity to love. Or at least the willingness to let it in.

"Don't stay up too late. I'll be waiting for you in bed. You know I can't fall asleep unless you're there with me." Jason Gilbert wrote this in...

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30 Reasons to Love My Manfriend on His 30th Birthday

(0) Comments | Posted March 26, 2014 | 2:33 PM

I have a manfriend. If we were a rom-com, he'd be the Harry to my Sally. This week as he turns 30, I reflected back over the years of being in each other's lives from kids running around an elementary school playground to two adults trying to make our way...

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Life By Design, Not By Default

(0) Comments | Posted January 6, 2014 | 4:14 PM

Co-authored by Martina Buchal, Winner of "Your Big Year." World Merit Global Ambassador

Miserable and broken, four years ago I turned to a friend and said: "I just can't. I can't keep doing this. I can't keep feeling this way...and I think its killing me."

"Shhhhh..." she...

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The Risk In Sharing Your Sexual Experiences

(10) Comments | Posted November 5, 2013 | 12:26 PM

So far so good. He makes you smile. He turns you on. The banter is flirty, playful and just enough to make you bite your lip in anticipation.

Then he probes: "What do you like?" or "How do you like it?"


Response: "Oh you know..." [Insert generic...

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The Propaganda of 'Having It All'

(0) Comments | Posted September 18, 2013 | 11:00 AM

When my friend Brooklyn Middleton shared Delia Ephron's New York Times article on Facebook a little over a week ago entitled "You Can't Have It All, But You Can Have Cake" -- we both rejoiced that finally, someone was rejecting the "Lean In," "Having It All"...

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Shedding the Fake Layer

(2) Comments | Posted April 9, 2013 | 11:12 AM

My favorite nephew is going to grow up to be a ladies' man.

At the age of 3, he has mastered the art of compliments and charm. He bats his long lashes, looks up at me and with a big smile, will tell me exactly how pretty I am...

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Not Realizing I Was On a Date Thanks to Facebook

(7) Comments | Posted March 21, 2013 | 3:33 PM

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with a casual male acquaintance over lunch for the first time in roughly a year. Travel, circumstance, and life's general hustle and bustle had finally worked in our favor for an afternoon rendezvous. Midway through my meal, it occurred to me that...

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Stop Having Sex? I Did It -- For A Year

(243) Comments | Posted February 7, 2013 | 10:05 AM

I gave up sex and dating. I gave it up just like I would give up chocolate for Lent. It was a very deliberate and conscious choice.

At the time, I had just turned 24, and was fresh off the heels of a broken engagement and sending out the...

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