Anthony Dickey Hairstylist and founder and Creator of Hair Rules

Celebrity stylist, author, product innovator and salon owner, Dickey has spent the better part of his 20+years career dispelling the myth & mockeries surrounding women and their hair changing perceptions of beauty and influencing practice dickey has pioneered a new standard in beauty that aims to redifine standards in hair care to address the distinctive needs a multi-textrulal world .

Touted as a "Style Svengali" by the New York Times, and chosen by EBONY power 100 list through his actions and accomplishment the abltiy to shape and influence the world in which we live Dickey has mastered the mystery of textured hair to create iconic hairstyles for designers, advertisers, photographers and celebrities alike. Rihanna, Minnie Driver, Estelle, Kelis, Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker are but a few notables he has styled for publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence, More, Vibe and Harper's Bazaar.