Adam Hootnick Filmmaker, journalist, and entrepreneur

Adam Hootnick is a filmmaker, journalist, and entrepreneur based in
New York City. His award-winning first feature film, Unsettled, was
released in 2007. Previously Adam covered politics and international
affairs as a producer at MTV News & Documentaries. Adam has also
worked at NBC News and MSNBC, and has covered stories for broadcast
and print media in India, South Africa, Cuba, and Israel, where he
lived in 1997-98. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law
School, Adam has also worked for the South African Parliament’s
Justice Committee. Adam is head of Resonance Interactive, a production
company focused on short form video content for social distribution,
and Storyboard, a network to connect independent filmmakers with
brands looking for cutting edge talent and content. Adam's next film
is about indie artists trying to make it in the age of YouTube.