Agi Smith Advice Columnist

Agi Smith is a graduate from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business; she also holds a culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Arts. As a seeker of knowledge she is continually educating herself, which has included writing classes at both Harvard and Stanford. Over ten years ago, Agi went through the difficult process of divorce. This life altering event inspired her to embark on a journey of self-reflection. After several personal resurrections where she experienced the pain of internal death, she realized she had an obligation to help others navigate the difficulties life can at times offer. Over the past ten years she has taken a path of self-awareness and has done whatever it takes to find internal healing and enlightenment. She has studied a broad spectrum of mindfulness to help her achieve inner peace. During her journey she discovered Buddhism, yoga, therapy and authors that have helped change her life, including; Voltaire, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Eckhart Tolle, Kafka and so many more. As a voracious reader, she found numerous secrets to living a thoughtful, fulfilling and happily ever after life – with or without someone in it. Intuitively, she knew she had to share her knowledge and chose to do so via her writing. She now has an International Advice Column and has been published in several periodicals. Agi is currently in the process of producing a web & television series based on her advice column “Dear Agi." As a freelance writer she has contributed to and has an ongoing advice column and living life website: She resides in the beautiful Napa Valley where you will often find her cycling, trail running or preparing a gourmet meal for friends. She and her ex-husband co-parent their beautiful daughter in harmony ~

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