Alexander J. Cohen Adjunct Professor, Film and Media Department, UC Berkeley

Alexander J. Cohen is an adjunct professor in the Film and Media Department at UC Berkeley where he has taught since 1990. Many of his courses study the effects of the Internet, computers and media technology on cinema and society. He has also taught courses on various directors including Steven Spielberg and Hayao Miyzaki as well as courses on science-fiction horror cinema and the future of media.

In addition to his scholarly activities Dr. Cohen is currently a founder and managing director at The Ovidian Group a global IP and Patent consulting company. Dr. Cohen was a senior analyst for Intellectual Ventures, where he managed key software portfolios and was responsible for software patent analysis and valuations. He has served as an executive at numerous technology companies. He served as chief technology officer of, a joint effort of Dreamworks and Imagine Entertainment, and an advisor to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Dr. Cohen was vice president of engineering at Open Design, a distributed computing platform company and held senior executive positions at CNET and Netscape, where he led the software and IT development efforts that became Dr. Cohen served as chief technology officer and co-founder of The McKinley Group, which produced the Magellan search engine that later became part of Excite.