Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress, Writer, TV Personality, Talk Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Self-help Mentor & Creator of The NAKED Philosophy with over 10 years of professional experience as a Media Personality, Content Creator & Creative Entrepreneur. She has been ranked one of the 'Top 250 Most Influential Women Leaders' in the world by Richtopia. Nominated in Charles O'Tudors a 'Personal Brand-To-Watch 2017' and honored with a WEF 2017 Iconic Woman Award. She was spotlighted as a 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, A 2016 Featured Guardian Woman, An International Ambassador for ‎#SheMatters Movement USA, The First "African Woman Living In Africa" to be featured alongside some of the world's most respected, adored and celebrated powerhouse women on WOMEN ROCK PROJECT, Advisory Executive Council (AEC) Member of the WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM and a Women Mentoring Women's Mentor for Idea Builders Global Initiative. She is the Founder of THE NAKED MOVEMENT, THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY, the virtual hub - ALEX'S BRAG COMMUNITY (ABC), Editor-in-Chief of BRAG! and President of THE BRAG CLUB for Influencers. She is also the Host of The Globally Syndicated Radio Show - THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji, The creator of THE NAKED CHALLENGE, an avid blogger at ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS and the Author of Self Help Book - THE NAKED TRUTH: Lies Stripped.... Alex Okoroji is an Advocate for EXPRESSION, a Personal Reinvention Activist & a Multi Platform Ambassador for Self Empowerment & Transformation who spends her days, promoting expression, building her purpose and empowering people globally with her NAKED Philosophy. Connect with her @