Alexia Amvrazi Journalist

Alexia Amvrazi has worked as a journalist in the English language newspaper, magazine, Internet, TV and radio media in Greece and abroad, since the mid '90s. She has held posts writing, editing, fixing for and producing stories on travel, gastronomy, culture, social issues, lifestyle, and areas as varied as the environment, religion, alternative health, and diplomatic affairs. Fascinated by human beings and social psychology and culture, Alexia has been hosting a live radio show based on studio interviews with notable personalities visiting or living in Athens, and offering listeners information on culture, lifestyle, gastronomy, travel, news and survival tips for life in Greece, on the municipal Athens International Radio for seven years. She was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and received a British education at international schools in Italy, Egypt and Greece and universities in the UK. In her free time she enjoys cooking, photography, video/audio production and editing, studying and practicing alternative therapies and nutrition, and traveling.