Alison Laichter meditation teacher, urban planner, community organizer, founder of Jewish Meditation Center

Alison Laichter is a meditation teacher, urban planner, community organizer, and founded the Jewish Meditation Center (JMC). She is a recipient of the Joshua Venture Group Dual Investment Program, a 2-year, $100k fellowship for Jewish social entrepreneurs, and was named one of the 2010 Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36: Visionaries for a New Era.”

She studied Civil Engineering at The Cooper Union and Urban Planning at Columbia University, worked for the United Nations Development Programme. She works for JDC Entwine and manages all of their west coast programs- entwining the local and global.

Alison has been meditating since she was 15, including extensively in the Himalayan, Santa Cruz, and San Miguel mountains. She has taught classes and retreats for children and adults throughout the world, including retreatants at Elat Chayyim/Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, students and professors at Yale University, doctors at Bellevue Hospital, social entrepreneurs in Jerusalem, artists in Mexico City, Entwiners on the Arabian Sea, children in NYC public schools and participants of all backgrounds across the United States.