Allessandra Bradley-Burns is an innovator and strategist. Her core
strengths include performing trend analysis and development, integrating
innovation and product development amongst leadership and staff, and
supporting efficient organizational change through collaborative facilitation.
Her work includes twenty plus years experience in coaching and
curriculum development including delivering and designing courses,
workshops, seminars, and keynotes at all employee and management
Allessandra has led the growth of multiple organizations from inception to
scale. Examples include the co-founding of Public Allies, where she
developed the training model and secured growth funding; assisting a start
up from seed funding to $12M annual budget, based 16 states within a 2
year period; and leading the expansion of Palacio & Associates from
traditional consulting into the areas of technology, international business
process, and conflict management, growing revenue by 23 percent over
the past two years.

Allessandra graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service
where she focused on the economies of developing nations and the history
and politics of Africa and Latin America. She also attended Georgetown
School of Medicine and the University of Dar es Salaam. She speaks
fluent Spanish and basic Swahili and Italian.