Amanda Eliasch

A poet, photographer, playwright and fashion editor, Amanda Eliasch was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She had an idyllic childhood in Wiltshire, England where she lived with her mother Caroline Brown, an opera singer, and her grandfather Sidney Gilliat, a film director, producer and writer.

After training as an actress at ALRA and RADA, she studied at the Black and White photography school in London, later being assigned to British Artists at Work (Assouline) by Franca Sozzani, the editor of Italian Vogue. Amanda wrote a diary of her work with the 46 artists involved, and went on to photograph Made by Indians and Made by Brazilians, further books on art that were published with the Enrico Navarra Gallery. Her photography has been widely exhibited and well received. Her first book of poetry, Cloak and Dagger Butterfly, which includes many of her female photographic studies, was published through Chipmunka. Her semi-autobiographical play, As I Like It, was performed at the Chelsea Theatre Kings Road, London and at The Macha Theater, West Hollywood. A New York production is presently in the works.

Most recently, Eliasch was depicted at L.A.’s Leadapron Gallery in Peccadilloes. Constructed from neon lights, the exhibition is based on Kay Saatchi's drawings of Amanda committing the seven deadly sins.

She divides her time between homes in Los Angeles, London and Paris.