Andrew Briscoe CEO, The Sugar Association, Inc.

Andrew C. (Andy) Briscoe is the President and CEO of The Sugar Association, Inc. Appointed at the April 2003 annual meeting of the Board of Directors, Briscoe brings a strong nutrition and food policy to the Association. Mr. Briscoe joined the Association in 2002 as the Director of Public Policy. For nine years prior, he has served as Director or Public Policy and Vice President of the Salt Institute, an association representing companies producing food salt throughout the United States and worldwide. Mr. Briscoe has worked with key food regulatory agencies and organizations, testified during the Healthy People 2010 Consortium hearings organized by the Department of Health and Human Services on dietary and nutritional issues, and represented industry during the Dietary Guidelines process.

In addition, for five years, Mr. Briscoe directed the successful federal and state public affairs and public policy initiatives of Mothers Against Drunk Driving working with Congress, the previous Bush administration, numerous regulatory agencies, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the National Commission on Drunk Driving.

He prepared for his career with a Bachelor of Science degree at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Andy presently works with other associations in the food and nutrition industry including the National Food Processors Association, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the International Food Information Council, and the Food Marketing Institute. He is an active member of the Nutrition and Food Safety Education Task Force in Washington, DC. As a former newspaper publisher, Andy is a member of The National Press Club and he speaks on food and nutrition issues.

Andy has been married since 1987 to the former Karen A. Gebhardt of Columbia, Missouri and the couple has two children. The Briscoes reside in McLean, Virginia.