Andrew Gulliford is a professor of Southwest Studies and history in the Department of Southwest and American Indian Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He teaches popular college courses in wilderness and environmental history and is the author of America’s Country Schools, Sacred Objects and Sacred Places: Preserving Tribal Traditions, and Boomtown Blues: Colorado Oil Shale, which won the Colorado Book Award. He also edited Preserving Western History, which was voted one of the best books on the Southwest by the Tucson-Pima County Library. His articles and photographs have appeared in national publications including High Country News, Preservation, American Heritage, Colorado Heritage, and Montana. Dr. Gulliford has received the National Individual Volunteer Award from the U.S. Forest Service for wilderness education, and a certificate of recognition from the Secretary of Agriculture for “outstanding contributions to America’s natural and cultural resources.” He now has a 3rd term on the Bureau of Land Management’s Southwest Colorado Resources Advisory Council.