Andrew Pond Oldershaw is an activist, artist, radio show host and community collaborator living in Los Angeles. Oldershaw has worked with several LGBT nonprofit organizations, co-founding two grassroots organizations and holding positions of leadership on nonprofit boards and steering committees, including GLAAD, YPC (LAGLC), Trevor Project and FAIR. Oldershaw's work with marriage equality was recognized in 2009 with the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) E-Hero Award for developing and producing anti-discrimination viral PSAs. A notable personal passion project, Oldershaw engaged in a year-long project and partnership with renowned activist and artist Shepard Fairey for a celebrity-infused awareness campaign in support of marriage equality that led him and his collaborators to secure the endorsement of marriage equality from over 100 celebrities, and infused the equality movement with the progressive art world and the straight community. He works closely with with community and organizational entities such as the FBI, West Hollywood City Council, Amnesty International, Rainbow World Fund, GLSEN, San Francisco AIDS Foundation and GLIDE, among others. In the summer of 2011, he was honored to serve as the sole private sector liaison to the Inter-Agency LGBT Hate Crimes Forum, including representatives from the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the District Attorney and the LAPD, receiving an award for his service by FBI West Coast ADIC.

Specializing in LGBT media, talent and brands at Fifteen Minutes Public Relations, Andrew Pond Oldershaw has experience creating and executing high-level campaigns across a variety of disciplines and practices, while also working on traditional and new-media outreach with prosocial community engagement. Oldershaw has implemented large-scale and niche public relations programs that incorporate innovative thinking and detailed coordination for clients. Prior to joining Fifteen Minutes, Oldershaw spent five years with Viacom & MTV Networks, working throughout three of the company's networks and within multiple departments. Oldershaw was a part of the launch team for MTV's LGBT network Logo, handling new media production and development, with an emphasis on Logo's digital content and distribution platforms.

Oldershaw graduated with distinctions in Communications & Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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