Andrew M. Sum is a Professor of Economics at Northeastern University and the Director of the Center
for Labor Market Studies in Boston. He has conducted research in a wide array of labor market and workforce
development topics at the national, state and local level for the past 40 years. He is also been engaged in research on the educational and labor market experiences of the nation’s teens, young adults, older workers, blue collar workers, and their implications for educational and labor market policies. Among his recent article and policy monographs are: The Impact of the Recession Black Males in the Northeast Region, ,Communities and Banking, 2010; The Perfect Storm, Educational Testing Services, 2008; The Vanishing Teen Labor Market,
Mott Foundation, 2010; The Great Recession of 2007-2009 and the Blue Collar Depression, Challenge, 2010; No Summer Recovery for the Nation’s Teens, Youth Today, 2010; No County for Young Men: The Declining Economic Status of Less Educated Young Men, 2011; The Collapse of the National Teen Job Market and the Case for An Immediate Youth Jobs Creation Program, February 2008; An Assessment of the Labor Market, Income, Social, Health, Civic, Incarceration, and Fiscal Consequences of Dropping Out of High School:
Findings for Michigan Adults in the 21st Century, January 2008; Mass Economy: the Labor Supply and Our
Economic Future, Massachusetts Institute for A New Commonwealth (MassINC), Boston, Massachusetts,
December 2006; The Age Twist in Employment Rates in the U.S., 2000 – 2004: The Steep Tilt Against Young
Workers in the Nation’s Labor Markets, with Ishwar Khatiwada and Sheila Palma, Challenge Magazine, January 2005; Pathways to Labor Market Success: The Literacy Proficiency of U.S. Adults, (with Irwin Kirsch and Kentaro Yamamoto) Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, October 2004; Confronting the Youth Demographic Challenge: The Labor Market Prospects of Out-of-School Young Adults, October 2000;
The Twin Challenges of Mediocrity and Inequality: Literacy in the U.S. From An International Perspective, (with Irwin Kirsch, and Robert Taggart) Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, February 2002; Literacy in the Labor Force (National Center for Education Statistics, 1999).

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