Anne Goddard President and CEO, ChildFund International

Anne Lynam Goddard is president and CEO of ChildFund International, a global child development organization dedicated to helping vulnerable children living in poverty have the capacity and opportunity to thrive and bring positive change to their communities.

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As president, Goddard is focused on leading a strategy that expands and deepens ChildFund’s efforts across the globe. Through her leadership, ChildFund has helped to enhance the lives of children and communities on five continents, working to improve children’s health, education and economic conditions and opportunity. She led the organization’s rebranding, which strategically aligned the organization as a member of the ChildFund Alliance to better serve vulnerable children around the world.

Anne is a global citizen having immigrated to the United States with her parents as a child from Ireland. She worked in Kenya as a Peace Corps volunteer living in a mud house in a small, remote village and traveling the desert on a motorbike. Her experiences in poor communities led her to focus her career on international development.

After earning a master’s degree in public health, with an emphasis on international health, Anne went on to live and work overseas for almost 20 years in Somalia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Egypt. She viewed first-hand the deprivation that many individuals experience. “I learned that poverty isn’t something you can fully convey in a photo. It’s the sights and sounds and smells – it’s the touch and feel – it’s even the taste,” she says.

Anne met and married her British husband in Kenya. Her son was born in Kenya and she has a daughter adopted from Indonesia. As a global citizen she has a deep appreciation for the diversity and dignity of people around the global and a commitment to a world that values and protects the rights of all, particularly children.

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