Annie Duke is a World Series of Poker bracelet winner, the winner of the 2004 Tournament of Champions and the only woman to win the NBC National Poker Heads Up Championship. She has authored four books on poker. Now, as a professional speaker and decision strategist, she merges her poker expertise with her cognitive psychology graduate work at UPenn. She focuses on improving decision making and critical thinking skills, and developing individual and cultural supports to overcome cognitive bias. She is a founder of How I Decide, a non-profit that creates curricula and tools to improve decision making and critical thinking skills for under-served middle schoolers. She also serves on the National Board of After School All Stars, a non-profit that provides three hours of after school programming daily to more than 90,000 inner city youth across the country. In 2016 she was asked to join the Board of Trustees of the prestigious Franklin Institute. For more on Annie, visit:

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