Dr. Archelle Georgiou is a storyteller, a physician, a former healthcare industry executive, and a data geek. Most importantly, she is a zealot about designing the healthcare system to improve...health.

In 2008, Dr. Georgiou founded Georgiou Consulting, a strategic healthcare consultancy that helps companies translate their complex medical information and data into simple, compelling stories and messages. While this sounds like marketing, the starting point is making sure that companies design their products and services to have a meaningful impact on health.

Dr. Georgiou works with a diverse client/industry base that ranges from
health insurance to disease management to software technology to mining. In addition, she is Senior Advisor and Chair of the Health Executive Roundtable at TripleTree, a mergers and acquisitions firm in Minneapolis, and she is an ACE Panelist and healthcare expert for Tunheim Partners, a strategic public relations firm in the Twin Cities. Since 2007, Dr. Georgiou has been Fox 9 News’ medical expert with a twice weekly health segments on the morning news.

In Spring 2009, Dr. Georgiou was a medical correspondent on the Blue Zones international expedition to Ikaria, Greece where she helped explore the secrets of longevity with National Geographic researcher and best-selling author, Dan Buettner. She continues to speak about the expedition results and challenges audiences---clients and television viewers--to make some lifestyle and environmental changes that can help them live a healthier and more purposeful life.

Prior to founding her consulting practice, Dr. Georgiou spent 13 years as an executive with UnitedHealth Group. From 1999-2002, Dr. Georgiou served as chief medical officer and developed the business and clinical strategy that replaced medical necessity review. This new medical management model, Care CoordinationTM, fueled a sea change in the managed care industry. In 2002, Dr. Georgiou used this model to establish a new business unit in UnitedHealth Group, where she served as CEO. From 2006-2008, she was Executive Vice President, Strategic Relations for Optum. In this role, she worked closely with United’s product and technology development teams to help ensure that the company’s initiatives were aligned with emerging themes and trends in the healthcare industry and designed to meet the evolving needs of payers, clinicians and consumers.

In 2009, Dr. Georgiou was appointed to the Board of Directors of PRGX, Inc., a recovery audit firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Archelle is on the business advisory boards for EmpowHER, a women’s health media company and Mental Workout, a company that is transforming the delivery of psychology with online self-help applications.

Dr. Georgiou graduated from the Johns Hopkins University and received her medical degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She was board-certified in Internal Medicine and practiced in Northern California before transitioning into healthcare administration and policy. Archelle lives in Wayzata, Minnesota with her family.