Atul Singh is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Fair Observer, a media platform providing quality analysis of global issues for educated professionals. The analysis is accompanied by context and has a plurality of perspectives from around the world. Fair Observer has more than 300 contributors originating from over 30 countries and eminent advisers from across the world such as John Bruton, the former Irish Prime Minister, and Olivier Fleurot, the former CEO of the Financial Times Group.

Atul is a leader and an adventurer who has succeeded in many professions on different continents. He was born in Vasco da Gama, Goa and grew up all around India. His mother remarks that he imbibed da Gama’s exploratory spirit and is therefore always looking for new possibilities. He is ferociously independent, extraordinarily creative and has always been a visionary. He has been a poet, a playwright, a debater, a sportsman and a founder of student organizations that fostered inter-disciplinary discourse. His knowledge is eclectic, and Fabian often jokes that it comes in handy when access to Google is limited.

In India, Atul founded “A Creative Effort”, a non-profit that worked for social and educational reform. He also served as an officer in Kashmir and Nagaland where he was involved in sensitive special operations in volatile areas. In the UK, he worked as a corporate lawyer in London at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and at White & Case where he advised on mergers, acquisitions, capital markets and private equity transactions. In the US, he worked in the Bay Area at ClairMail, a startup in the mobile banking space with Joe Salesky, the Founder & Chairman of the company, to formulate strategy, specifically looking at new applications for mobile banking and alliances with prospective allies.

Atul’s education has been international and multidisciplinary. He was a Radhakrishnan Scholar at Oxford where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics and studied English Literature and History at Lucknow University in India. He trained as a lawyer in London and then completed his MBA at Wharton from where he graduated with a triple major in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Strategy. More than the degrees he has collected, what defines Atul is his curiosity.

Atul came up with the idea of Fair Observer at the New York Global Media Summit held on March 10th & 11th in 2010. He perceived three main problems with global media. One, there is too little analysis of news coverage in a world awash with information; two, the little analysis that exists is invariably ethnocentric and partisan; and three, analysis that exists is often without valuable context. He envisaged Fair Observer as a means to solve these problems for the global audience by providing readers with incisive, concise and in-depth analysis of key world issues by people from diverse disciplines and from around the world to provide a plurality of perspectives.

Atul is convinced that we live in historic times. The world is coming together as never before. Capital, talent and risk are becoming more mobile in increasingly global markets. People are buying products of one country, working for a company headquartered in another and serving clients in a third market. In an increasingly fluid, dynamic and intertwined world, Atul perceived the need for a truly global media company. In his words: “The DNA of Fair Observer is forged with a spirit of curiosity, cosmopolitanism and creativity. With its advisers, supporters and contributors, Fair Observer is a global conversation with space for leading narratives, ideas and insights from diverse sources.”