Barbara Ross Miller, Vice President of Consumer Marketing Solutions at Sony Electronics Inc. (SEL), is responsible for driving customer-focused strategies based upon SEL business needs. Barbara has strategic leadership of Media Planning and Sponsorships, Digital Content Management, Interactive Web Marketing, CRM Execution and Marketing Operations Traffic. In her role, she focuses on consumer driven message delivery across all consumer touch points to build brand loyalty and preference and drive Sony sales in the shop front.

Miller has more than 25 years of marketing experience, having worked at The Washington Post and Gannet Newspapers before joining the Sony team. In her 17 years with Sony, Barbara has established herself as an innovator and has been recognized for her achievements in expanding Sony's web marketing and commerce platforms, influencing both front-end design and back-end infrastructure decision making.

She has been awarded numerous Sony accolades and is listed both as a Top African-American Woman in Marketing and Advertising by Black Enterprise and Most Influential and Powerful Woman of Diversity by the California Diversity Council. Barbara Ross Miller has been a speaker for the BazaarVoice Social Summit, the California Diversity Council and other professional and philanthropic institutions. She currently sits on the AOL Tech Advisory Board, the Videonomics board of directors, and is also a board member for Concerned Parents Alliance.