Barton Brooks

Barton Brooks founded and runs Global Colors – an international volunteer organization working to bring about change through specific and unique volunteer projects.

Receiving his formal education at Dixie College, the University of Utah, and The Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, his professional background is based in real estate, the fashion industry, and television production.
Since creating Global Colors, Barton has led personal volunteer projects in Cambodia, Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, Burma, and Mozambique. He has taken roles as an advisor at the UN for Laura Bush regarding the Burmese refugee crisis, in addition to presenting ideas for her to showcase on international goodwill trips. Mrs. Bush recently joined Global Colors in Africa for a tour of the DIG project. Barton sits on the board of the SaoSary Human Rights Foundation in Cambodia, heads an International Research Internship Program at UCLA, and recently launched a volunteer vacation program for CAA (Creative Artists Agency) in Hollywood.