An educator since 1996, Beth Borzone is also a budding freelance writer. Prior to entering the world of education, Ms. Borzone had a five year career in finance, working for two large international brokerage houses, where she wrote numerous reports for internal publication. She also studied and worked in Japan and Mexico, and once upon a time spoke both Japanese and Spanish fluently. She has traveled to 16 countries around the world and 18 states within the United States. She has been interested in politics since 1974 and has volunteered over the years on various campaigns. Her contributions have mainly included stuffing envelopes and passing out literature at supermarkets, but occassionaly are monetary. She is currently Vice President of Delta Kappa Gamma Phi, a professional educational association for women. Ms. Borzone believes when it comes to politics, it is more important to focus on issues than individuals. She also believes that an independent media is key to the success of a democracy and is concerned about the increasing corporate control of the media, which is why she is grateful to the Huffington Post and other independent blogs that keep freedom of speech alive.