Binky Philips Music aficionado

Binky Philips, a life long New York babyboomer, was born a few years before Elvis changed everything. Permanently ruined by The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Binky has devoted his life to the noise made by larynxes and electric guitars. He spent the 70s and 80s performing, writing, and recording his own songs in the semi-legendary CBGB/Max's Kansas City band, The Planets. For the last three decades, Binky has run East Village records stores, done radio promotion for every major record label's Rock and Alternative acts, and now has his own indie label, Dotpointperiod, and manages the Dallas Texas band, dEAf PEdESTRIANS. Binky Philips is currently working on a memoir of his misspent youth and adulthood in the music business. He can be reached at

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