Bonnie Lautenberg Photographer, writer, philanthropist

Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg is an esteemed photographer, writer, philanthropist and business woman. As the wife of Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, the senior United States Senator from New Jersey, Mrs. Lautenberg has had the opportunity to view and capture history in the making. A creative person by nature, Lautenberg received a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism from New York University and went on to pursue a career in real estate development but never abandoned her passion for photography. It was in 1993 when photographing the Israeli – Palestinian Peace Accord at the White House that she discovered her passion was more than simply an interest but rather a talent and subsequently began traveling the world searching for interesting people, moments and events to capture in her lens. After successfully selling her work for a number of years, Lautenberg first exhibited her photographs in a solo show in 2005 titled Earthworks, which was well received and a commercial success. Lautenberg’s subjects span many genres, including nature, politics and entertainment. In 2011 the Vered Gallery in East Hampton, New York presented Lady Gaga Performing: Photographs by Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg, a series of photos taken by Lautenberg which were later displayed at the Rebecca Heidenberg Gallery in Manhattan in a group show titled Melodymania. Lautenberg has become known for her portraits of political figures, including a photograph of President Barack Obama which has hung in the Oval Office, as well as portraits of 113 U.S. Senators from the 109th – 110th Congress as part of her most recent installation project, How They Changed Our Lives – Senators As Working People, which debuts at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City on October 7, 2012.