A proud alumnus of Gallaudet University, Brian Lucas graduated with a Business Administration degree in May ‘08. After graduation, Brian envisioned a career in public service and was hired by the United States Mint.

In May 2010, Brian was offered a unique opportunity to work as an Equal Opportunity Specialist in the Office of Assistant Secretary Civil Rights at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), while still a United States Mint employee (called a “detail assignment”). He performs technical edits and drafts Final Agency Decisions (FAD), reviews and organizes complaint files to ensure completeness for further processing, and prepare Certificate of Service for Director’s approval signature. In September 2010, he so impressed his employers at the USDA that he was offered a career position and promotion there to work for the Department’s Director of Civil Rights.

Brian’s public service is not only limited to Federal Government workplaces. During the volunteer time, he serves as the President, Alumni Corporation Board, of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. He uses his position to mentor current Gallaudet students on how to lead the chapter into the directions of its accreditation report, encourage young men to raise their grade point averages above Campus GPA average, and be involved in serving the community. His passionate dream is to become a professional motivational speaker and build the bridges from Deaf community into Hearing world.