Cameron Morrell Douglas was born in 1978 into an American dynasty, 3rd generation of the legendary Douglas acting family. Accomplished DJ and budding actor, Douglas starred alongside father, Michael, and grandparents, Kirk and Diana, in the 2003 film It Runs In the Family, and played the lead role in National Lampoon's Adam and Eve. In 2009, Douglas was arrested by the DEA for large-scale narcotics distribution, and received a 5-year sentence. In 2011, Douglas was brought back before the judge, and was given an additional 4.5 years- the longest-ever sentence imposed for obtaining a small amount of drugs in prison for personal use. Although the sentence was challenged due to its extreme harshness, the appeal was lost. Douglas has vowed to bring attention to the mistreatment of non-violent drug offenders and plans to found a non-profit to help the nation's troubled youth. Douglas' expected release date is in 2018.