Camille van Gestel

Camille van Gestel is Co-Founder and COO of WakaWaka and is responsible for the development of the WakaWaka product line and day-to-day business (which is not business as usual, since WakaWaka tends to do things differently). A gifted networker, his 15 years of entrepreneurial and product development experience makes him well suited to lead the commercial and production activities of WakaWaka towards becoming self-sustainable, while continuously stepping up efforts to significantly impact WakaWaka's goal of ending energy poverty by 2030. Prior to founding WakaWaka, Camille developed and manufactured products for Heineken, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Bacardi, TNT, Goodyear and others, teaching him the importance of delivering high quality products on-time and at the best possible price.