After 4 years of lurking in the shadows of our infertile reality, we decided to come out with it to friends and family. Since then, we have had another 2.5 years of zil-cho luck with starting a family. That leaves us with a mountain of debt, an empty room, and tons of used tissues. We started blogging about our experiences just over a year ago and were recently one of two couples documented in an MTV True Life episode titled, “I’m desperate to have a Baby.” We write about all things fertility and family-building from both a female and male perspective. After having gone through intra-uterine inseminations, six, and in-vitro fertilization procedures, six, we have also explored adoption and are currently pursuing surrogacy. We want to share all of our experiences and lessons that we have learned with anyone that is willing to hear them. Our main blog is called Our Misconception and you can learn all about our timeline of family building attempts there. Our biggest hope is that by discussing these issues, people that are currently involved with fertility issues will find information that they are seeking and will know that they are not alone. We also hope that awareness and advocacy about fertility-related issues will be increased. There are opportunities in most states for significant reform but also, there are many more opportunities for people that know of people having fertility issues to gain a better understanding of how their friends or family members are feeling.