Catherine Geanuracos

Catherine Geanuracos creates integrated campaigns and uses participatory technology to support social change. Catherine manages all interactive strategy and program development for Live Earth (, and spearheaded global online and SMS programs for the 7.07.07 Live Earth concerts. In addition to, she managed a four-country SMS campaign and the "Friends of Live Earth" program which supported 12,000 local events inspired by Live Earth in 132 countries. She is a Principal at Calder Strategies ( focusing on mobile campaign strategy, campaign implementation, vendor evaluation, RFP development, political use of mobile technology, and mobile innovation. She served as a consultant for Political Action during the last two U.S. election cycles, helping to shape innovative programs that have fundamentally expanded opportunities for political engagement.

Catherine developed leadership in social advocacy while completing her
B.A. at Columbia College, Columbia University. She's lived in Latin
America, developing HIV prevention programs in Central and South America. She received her Master's in social welfare from UC Berkeley, and before working in politics she was co-investigator of an NIH-funded HIV prevention research initiative at UC San Francisco She has been involved in numerous interactive advocacy projects: as the founding CTO of, as campaign director of, and as a strategic advisor to DotOrganize. She frequently speaks and writes on the application of technology to political and advocacy initiatives. She is based in Los Angeles.