Catherine Goldwyn is founder and executive director of Sound Art. A Los Angeles native and granddaughter to well-known American film producer Samuel Goldwyn, an advocate for the arts, Catherine was fortunate to be raised in a household that embraced the arts and music. These influences had a positive effect on her life and accomplishments, and helped to formulate the idea of Sound Art. Catherine grew up playing the piano and guitar and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied arranging and composition, specializing in the piano and guitar. Always looking for the next challenge, while raising four children, Catherine simultaneously pursued a career as a photographer while attending Harvard University, where she received in 1999 her Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and natural science.

In 2000, Catherine returned to her hometown of Los Angeles where she was a composer for an online gaming company while also volunteering as director of music at A Place Called Home, a community center in South Central Los Angeles. Under her tutelage, the music program’s popularity grew with youths throughout the Los Angeles area and led to the inception of Sound Art.

Catherine saw a clear need for music education in Los Angeles’ inner city schools where at-risk students never had the opportunity to experience music education. She discovered that kids do not want to memorize other people’s music and regurgitate it. Rather, they wanted to create their own music. Informed by her own experience as a jazz musician, she founded Sound Art in 2002, a unique program that connects to students’ experiences and cultures through music. By bringing music education to the students, Sound Art is able to reach and positively impact thousands of youths. To date, Sound Art has reached over 16,000 students in Los Angeles area alone and has played an integral role in reducing the high school drop out rates at schools that have participated in the program.

Catherine currently resides in Los Angeles. She is an avid piano player and is working on a recording project. Catherine plays in a jazz trio, featuring the piano, guitar and bass. In addition to reaching as many students as possible through Sound Art, Catherine continues to live a life embracing philanthropic outreach.