Chad W. Bissonnette, Co-founder and Executive Director of Roots of Development

Mr. Bissonnette holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from American University in Washington, DC. Before graduating from American University, he spent a year at Emerson College in Boston, MA, studying PR/Marketing, and two years in Spain teaching for the Spanish Government and acquiring a diploma in Hispanic Language and Culture Studies from the University of Salamanca.

Traveling to Haiti for the first time in 2005, Mr. Bissonnette co-founded Roots of Development in 2007. He currently serves as its Executive Director, and is responsible for the creation and implementation of the organization’s unique approach to development. When in Haiti, Mr. Bissonnette spends most of his time on the island of La Gonave, where his organization works with a set of communities determined to manage their own development.

With the motto “Development without Dependency”, Roots of Development’s ongoing mission is to help impoverished communities acquire the organizational skills and financial resources they need to manage their own development. Roots of Development helps build stronger, more independent communities that are capable of choosing, building, managing, and maintaining their own projects.

Mr. Bissonnette speaks regularly about empowerment and community-driven development and his work in Haiti, at high schools and universities along the East Coast. He grew up in Connecticut, has lived a substantial amount of time overseas (Spain, South Africa, Haiti, etc.), and currently resides in Washington, DC.

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