Christopher T. VanDijk is an actor, writer, firefighter, and dad. He is a recent New York City expatriate, loading the family up and trekking out to the high mountain plains of Denver, Colorado.

His first (and arguably best) HuffPo post is here... Yes. Two profiles. Twice the fun.

Chris is a probationary firefighter with the South Adams County Fire Department and can be found in the local parks chasing a precocious preschooler, sipping great coffee, and discussing everything from politics to pasta.

The script for his film "Cowboys Versus Indians" is currently in pre-production and his latest script, Tuff Mutha, is ready for anyone who wants to read it. He is a proud member of Partial Comfort Productions and is the organizer for the "Denver Dads Group.

You can also find him raising cain online at his blog, Skinned Knees In Short Pants, on facebook, or in the twitterverse @skinned_knees. Feel free to follow and say hi.