Christine Henseler is an Arts and Humanities Advocate and Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies at Union College.

A German immigrant, she has a degree in Journalism/Advertising and a background in graphic design. She is actively engaged in the advocacy of the Arts & Humanities on national and international fronts through the collective, the NY6Think Tank, and The Arts & Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace .

At Union College, Henseler oversees and organizes multidisciplinary courses such as "The Humanities Super Seminar" and she consults and gives keynote addresses across the country on topics related to the Humanities.

Henseler's research centers on contemporary Spanish literature and technology, media studies, and youth culture, particularly Generation X and the Millennials. She teaches classes in Spanish on contemporary Spanish language, literature, culture and technology. In English, she teaches courses on Generation X, on innovation and activism, on media culture and literacy, global remix culture, and the Liberal Arts.

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