Ciara Pressler Business & Marketing Strategist, Founder of Pregame

Ciara Pressler is the founder of Pregame, a success community for entrepreneurs and experienced professionals, including Pregame Magazine, Game Plan Goal Events in multiple cities, and the Pregame Clubhouse in Portland, OR. As head of Pressler Collaborative, Ciara has worked with over 100 small business and creative professionals to launch and grow their projects in the arts, entertainment, fitness, wellness, coaching, tech, real estate, finance, and beyond. As Marketing Director for Gen Art, she led marketing for programs in film, fashion, art, and music, and teamed on integrated marketing for Equinox, Acura, American Express, Diageo, InBev, W Hotels, Crunch, and more. Past work includes marketing and PR for Capes Coaching, Nike Running, Hue Legwear, and Domini Social Investments. Ciara shares principles of entrepreneurial success through guest speaking, TV and radio guest expert interviews, and as host of her webseries The Audience, marketing reporter for Alleywire, and author of Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business and Exit Stage Right: The Career Change Handbook for Performers.

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