PayPal is the leader in mobile payments -- processing more than $14 billion in mobile transactions in 2012. We’re also a leader in nonprofit payments -- over 300,000 North American organizations received $4.6 billion through PayPal products in 2012.

Clam came to PayPal through the acquisition of MissionFish, an award-winning social enterprise that he co-founded. MissionFish powers fundraising programs for eBay and PayPal users and to date those programs have generated nearly $300M in unrestricted funding for nonprofits in the US, UK and Canada.

Clam got his start in the nonprofit sector at age 17 -- working with at-risk youth through a local Boys & Girls Club -- and spent more than 20 years in the sector in total. He is a contributor featured in the book, Succeeding at Social Enterprise: Hard-Won Lessons for Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs (Jossey-Bass, 2010). He has degrees from Mercer University and the University of Georgia, and he lives in the Washington, D.C. area.